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Dakar, my lovely city, you are assaulted with so much vibe. You almost remind me of my friends on their period. But I’m sure you’ll be okay… maybe.

It is the afternoon; I am with my friend. Suddenly his phone rang. A look on his face shows he is interrogative about what the other voice is telling him. Lowering his voice, I heard him being agreed about what he is told. Then his face changes, he smiled at me and says “ my brother told me that is quite dangerous on the other side, we should finish early today”

Finally, this is what happens; we got off from work earlier than usual. At the bus stop. You could read the temperature; it was more than the usual anxiety of curfew. It was that anxiety to face any police officer or to be found in the middle of a fight between the students and the police force

… I thought police was only mean in American shows, in the news, and with drivers but I was wrong

Later in the day, We’ve heard a teenager was shot and the bullet reached his heart, he died. I thought that The Purge was just a movie. But hearing that people vandalized and ripped some Auchan store and Orange Telco in Dakar made me realize that it wasn’t just a movie… sometimes movies can be real, later in your life; they are a prediction of what society can be shaped with wrong actions and talks.

I do not look like the local. Well, that was something I found have never changed. In the street, people would look at me like I’m not from here though I know these streets better than anyone in Dakar. But these days; when you do not look like other people in the street; you just look like a threat. You could catch a glimpse in the dizzy light of their eyes while they are waiting for the police to counterattack. And it was while I was walking in the street trying to avoid some conflict epicenter.

What’s my country, its nation, its government are together? Just an eclectic ensemble that won’t be similar until we find really something in common. And nowadays; the only common thing my people and my government have in common is feelings of betrayal, hatred, and mind blurred by anger. It is just like every 21st-century couple relationship; simple and complex at the same time. We are far from John Gray’s “Men are from Mars” or maybe we would say “Government are from Jupiter and Nations from Pluto” that might be an explanation.

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